Artificial Images

artificial {adj}

  • man made
  • an imitation of a natural product
  • from Latin artificialis belonging to art

The "artificial images" are montages made of samples of photographies, sketches, scans, rendered images und paintings,  mixed with typo, scans of natural objects or any other kind of electronic images.

Some samples are painted with (real) watercolor, ink or crayon, some are computer paintings made with the software Creature House Expression. The main work of montage was made with Adobe PhotoShop.

Caused by the use of software for creating these images there is no original image of any of them, there are only copies. That's why I named them "Artificial Images".

Every image has got it's own concept, a thought or a sentences describing a relation or an aspect of nature, the circles of life, of art, science and technology. Though, an "artificial image" is a kind of illustration.